Laughter Yoga

U.K’s No.1 Laughter Yoga Married Couple

As a member of Equity Clive comes with £10,ooo,ooo of public liability insurance & has an enhanced DBS criminal record certificate


and Corporate Training Days

Clive and Jackie are ready to pass on there super powers to you contact us today

Corporate company training days

These take place in your workplace or at your function. We can kick start your day with a 10-30 min energizer so your delegates are supercharged and will get the very most from their day or after lunch when energy can be a bit low we can recharge them for the afternoon.

Laughter yoga is just the best way to get people chatting as they will all have something in common.

We also provide half-day and full-day team-building training courses.

An important part of our workshop will be to train your group in the Laughter Yoga art so that they can use our techniques themselves both in the workplace and at home to train others.

We also provide presentations/ workshops to smaller companies, clubs and charities so that their members can gain and use our techniques with their own staff and associates.

Clive & Jackie St James Laughter Games

Clive & Jackie have their own unique training system called BLAST

Breathing | Laughing | Antics | Stretching | Takeaway

So we are looking forward to having a BLAST with you and your cast/team.

We have over 100 different Laughter Yoga exercises to choose from just like a DJ we choose the right ones for your event and also fit into your event/team for the day.

Lift Laughter - Getting in an elevator will never be the same again

Dealing with road rage

Laughter Yoga in your Toga

Tug of war

Compliment someone in jibberish

Invisible Laughing pills to stop you from snacking

Tommy Cooper laughter competition prize awarded at the end of the day or to be included in the company presentations

Riding a wild horse only holding on to your hat

Jumping in puddles with only your wellies on

Greeting laughter

Telling someone off in jibberish

Fez wearing competition awarded at the end of day

The Magic Circle

As Clive is a Member of the world-famous Magic Circle each session ends with a thought-provoking magical illusion – they will never ever forget your life-changing event.

Clive has worked for 35 years as an entertainer and has performed at 1000s of events.

Clive worked as a stage Magician / Close-up Magician / Host / Stand-up Comedian / Charity Auctioneer so if any of these entertainers let you down on the day Clive could step in.

Dental Concepts staff training

No Joke Laugher Yoga

Jean after a Laughter Yoga class

Clive and Jackie are ready to pass on there super powers to you contact us today