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I have been a Laughter Yoga leader all my life and I did not realise it! I noticed when I was about three years old that my mum was sad – I did not know until later she had chronic depression! But she really laughed when Tommy Cooper came on the telly… all the family did, in fact, the whole country did – so I used to regularly do Tommy Cooper laughter impersonations – as the whole country did then. Laughing, just Like magic, suspends reality…because it’s impossible to be sad and laugh at the same time.

I think that’s why I went on to be the UK’s No1 Tommy Cooper tribute!

At the end of one of my Tommy Cooper shows, I always came off stage feeling great even though I was just pretending to Laugh I did not know then that the brain does not know the difference between fake laughing and real laughing. The brain just releases all these happy drugs into your system …one of our WOW moments.
We now always give an award/prize at our Laughter Yoga sessions for the best Tommy Cooper laugh of the day.

We used laughter in the army in the late ’70s to get through tough times.

Clive St James

After leaving Durham University with a teaching qualification I spent my first year teaching in the Mile End Road in London. There were some children in tough family circumstances and they clearly appreciated laughter and warmth in their school activities. I spent as much time building their confidence and creating a warm and fun atmosphere as the important reading, numbers and other skills they would need to progress in their schooling.

Later I moved into the world of sales and marketing, eventually becoming CEO of my own Marketing and Sales Promotion Company. We worked hard but always created a fun atmosphere for our staff and clients. The result was that loyalty was high and many individuals were keen to learn new skills and gain promotion within our firm rather than look elsewhere. With a thousand freelance staff and sixty full-time personnel, this was a real bonus and meant our clients- who were household names- enjoyed the continuity too.

For me, Laughter Yoga has been a natural progression over some 10 years from enjoying the antics in a regular group to qualifying as a Laughter Yoga Teacher and now enjoying passing the skills on to others, knowing how important and beneficial it is… recognized as such by scientists and medical practitioners alike.

Jackie St James

Meet Clive & Jackie

Meet Clive & Jackie the Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Join a Laughter Yoga workout

What does a Neuroscientist, Psychologist & Olympic coach, have in common?

The most fun workout you will ever have... stretching, laughing, breathing




Makes you feel good even if you are not


Laughter is a natural pain killer


Helps you heal faster


Strengthens the immune system


Reduces the risk of heart disease


Massages the abdominal muscles


A natural anti-depressant


Burn calories while laughing

Clive & Jackie St James Laughter Games

Clive & Jackie have their own unique training system called BLAST

Breathing | Laughing | Antics | Stretching | Takeaway

So we are looking forward to having a BLAST with you and your cast/team.

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As a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and having a record of passing every single driving test, I was regularly contracted to the RAC to go out to give presentations on the Hi-way code and road craft.

To companies ie captive audiences I added Humour which in turn led me to become more actively involved in the After Dinner circuit where I was booked by Rolls Royce, BMW and Nissan among many others. Also I appeared on the BBC’s Celebrity Driving School & The One Show.

Tackling ‘road rage’ was a big subject and I designed a series of exercises that could be done behind the wheel at traffic lights and which was featured many times on TV with my Car-robics.

When Sir Richard Branson had a car crash and came off the motorway M40 in his Range Rover, I wrote to him about car-robics, he replied “great I will pass it to my creative team” the next thing I saw was Virgin Airlines introducing Air-robic passengers participation in fun exercises whilst flying.

One of my Guinness World records is for being the fastest comedian on the planet – have been for the last 8 years which is great fun.

What makes me laugh now is that when I am introduced at an event with me as the world’s fastest comedian the show’s presenter says to the audience “but he’s going to make us all laugh hysterically and uncontrollably without telling us one joke!

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