Laughter Yoga

U.K’s No.1 Laughter Yoga Married Couple

As a member of Equity Clive comes with £10,ooo,ooo of public liability insurance & has an enhanced DBS criminal record certificate

Laughter Yoga in Bath City Free!

Bath City and laughter yoga go hand in hand

Laughter Yoga clubs are incredible

Laughter yoga courses are now being held in Bath twice a week

From Tuesday 21ST May 10am and on the Thursday 4pm for 6 weeks

laughter yoga courses are free to the residents of Bath

The laughter yoga classes are held in the pavilion in Sydney gardens, Bath

please ring to book 07860 290437

My wife and I Jackie are fully qualified laughter yoga teachers trained in India
We now live in Bath
Our laughter yoga classes are free
Starting 21ST May 10am 23rd of May 4pm 9then twice a week for 6 weeks in the pavilion Sydney gardens
It’s so important to laugh a lot the brain releases a cocktail of drugs to make you feel great all day
I am Guinness world record holder fastest comedian on the planet
But now get people laughing with out telling a joke
Please see videos of our classes/workshops on

Love and laughter
Clive & Jackie

Ready to Laugh?

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