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Barry Cryer chats over lunch about Laughter Yoga classes & Only Fools & Horses!

Barry Cryer chats over lunch about Laughter Yoga classes & Only Fools & Horses!

Two-examples here of what goes on behind the scenes in the art of making audiences laugh

I remember spending so many hours rehearsing one liner’s and writing jokes/stories,

I remember my first master class in joke telling and delivering jokes by the great Frank Carson when I was selling his records at the end of Blackpool Pier.

I remember telling my first joke in school 1066 (ask me about it when you see me next) and just the joy I felt making the whole class 😆 laughter yoga is so great that once you experience it, off you go and share it straight away, it’s just the best.

What  is considered by many as the funniest sketch ever on British TV, The Only Fools and Horses Christmas special the Batman and Robin scene.

We spent all day 10-12 hours in a house in Bristol to get about 1 minutes of pure comedy laughter all the main characters were in the room (I played a heavy in the background I kept asking for romantic type rolls but it was always a heavy)

My point is of course how much time and effort goes on behind the scenes to guarantee a great laugh! But with laughter Yoga you just well…

My advice to you today find a

laughter Yoga teacher 

laughter Yoga club near you

laughter Yoga Therapy class

laughter yoga class online

Be brave you could start your own laughter yoga club! Batman & Robin did x


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