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How many times do babies laugh a day?

Laughter is brilliant for our brains and bodies! It lifts our moods and it fills us with endorphins (the feel-good hormones).

In today’s world children are feeling ever more stressed – and a laughter yoga session might be just the thing to release their stress and help them lighten up too.

Laughter Yoga is simply laughing for no reason (well, other than it feels GREAT!) and deep yogic breathing.

There’s no need for lycra, or strange poses. We’ll just be laughing from our bellies and connecting with each other. The deep yogic breathing is simple and it brings oxygen to our brains and bodies. It’s a full work out for mind and muscles!

Children will suffer fewer attacks of coughs, colds, throat and chest infections, as laughter helps to build good immunity against common infection. When children are put in the right conditions to laugh at school, their confidence is boosted, their ability to handle stress improves and bullying decreases. They develop a positive attitude, even in challenging times. Laughter Yoga also stimulates their right brain hemisphere, enhancing their creative abilities.
Imagine what a short laughter session can do prior to a high-stakes exam, sports competition, or public speaking event.

Ready to Laugh?

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Laughter Yoga in Bath City Free!

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