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What is your inner child?


Your “inner child” is a subconscious part of you, the shadow of who you were as a child before you got bogged down with the troubles of adult life. This is the part of you that gets all warm and happy about your favorite Disney cartoon and urges you to make snowmen draw pictures and colour them in. But it’s also the part of you that holds onto your childhood fears and worries, many of which might still impact you in adulthood so we need to speak to our inner child and offer words of wisdom.

As you mature, you inevitably become disconnected from your inner child. The stresses of adult life–money, relationships, work–overshadow the connection. Though you might not feel connected to your inner child, it’s always there, informing your emotions and decisions from the background.

I love to look at old pictures of me growing up. My mum used to tie four knots in a hanky and put it on my head to keep the sun off, passers-by would smile at me, I would like that, so when I want to visit my inner child I pop my hanky on my head with the four knots, its always in my pocket.
Take a look at your old photographs, go on now I bet they will put a smile right across your face

here are another six strategies.

1, Keep an open mind. It’s OK to feel a little uncertain about the idea of an inner child. …
2, Look to children for guidance. …
3, Revisit childhood memories of how you used to play, the simple things that made you happy ie playing a card game. …
4, Spend time doing things you used to enjoy. …
5, Talk to your inner child. ie how are we today… what are we going to do about that
6, Talk to a Laughter Yoga therapist.

This is a pic of our daughter Jemma-don’t tell her will you x


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