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As a member of Equity Clive comes with £10,ooo,ooo of public liability insurance & has an enhanced DBS criminal record certificate

Speakers can be Motivational or Inspirational, with Laughter-Yoga they become memorable…

Speakers can be Motivational or Inspirational, with Laughter-Yoga they become memorable…

After hearing Clive speak, about the world of Laughter-Yoga, you may not be able to change the world but you will have the super power to change your world.

Clive just loves to laugh out loud to a great joke. The problem is that it’s hard to make him laugh! Why? Because he has spent all his life listening to jokes and so is already at the punchline halfway through listening to the set up line…
That’s why laughter yoga is so important in his life and passionately want’s to pass on the skills to you. 

What is the one thing stopping you from getting what you want in life?
Other people? Yes…that’s it! So, the better you
 can communicate, and the more people who find you interesting and fun to listen too, will only add to your own leadership skill set. If you are a fun, smiling person this will draw people to you. Like a magnet it just draws them to you. So be ready to start pushing them away!

One of the tricks is to use magical words which make you smile, sound smart, skilful and professional. Here are a couple that you can put into practice straight away.

1. Don’t say ‘okay’ any more. It is in such common use that even if you are enthusiastic it no longer registers in the same way. Instead say ‘certainly’…you just can’t help but smile when you say it!
‘Awesome’ is another word that’s over used and so has lost it’s power. Instead, say ‘sensational’. Again you can’t help but smile and sound a lot more genuine.
Last one for now …drop the word ‘like’ which is hugely over used!  Instead say ‘such as’ or ‘for instance’.

As a Member of the World Famous Magic Circle, Clive will teach you how to think like a Magician, ie to keep one ahead.

Also, teach you how he became the current (and has been for the last eight years) Guinness World Record holder…the fastest comedian on the planet… from a stuttering, stumbling little boy.

A joke is a bit like living life itself. You have the set up line and then the punch line…that’s what counts…the punch line. Too
 many people spend to much time gathering information ie. the set up line and just don’t get to the punchline! For instance…if only I could do this course, if I drove that car, if I spoke with a more interesting accent.

When Clive heard that the two things people feared more than death itself was, wait for it, public speaking and passing driving tests, he decided to gain World Records in both which he still has to this day.

This means Clive has an unique skill set, he has used humour wit and fun all his life. His antics have included taking over the page 3 girls spot in the Sun newspaper to being featured on the front page of the Times Motoring Magazine to many TV and radio features  

Imagine being asked to talk about one of the UK’s comedy heroes of all time in front live audience TV  the great British press what an honour we flew back early from our home in Palm beach for this one  Tommy developed his laugh so it became contagious a sigh a cough peopled loved and immertated that’s why you hear people say he just walked on stage and did nothing he practiced that art of doing 5

we were in Florida Keys popped  into the museum Ridley’s most talented people, just looking around I said to Jackie it would be just great to be in there annual – well guess what? They say you get what you wish for. When did you last make a wish?

The follow year we get a phone call from Random House Penguin Publishing The events organiser says we are putting a show in Leeds UK for the launch of our new book, we want you to hoast it and star in it and congratulations for being in it , I said am I she said yes twice wow Looked in my diary I said we are in Palm beach then Don’t worry we will fly you back

my point is here not to show off but have to set goal – I have many stories like this where I have just simply said I would like to

So there you go smile if you haven’t got that perfect smile you deserve, fix it we have teamed up with Dental Concepts Sandbank’s for anyone that’s been on one of our training days there’s a great discount waiting for you in fact why don’t you book in your whole company! What fun and showing a flair for well-being in your company.

Ready to Laugh?

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