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As a member of Equity Clive comes with £10,ooo,ooo of public liability insurance & has an enhanced DBS criminal record certificate

Laughter Yoga Motivational Speaker for health and happiness!

BBC NEWS with Sally Taylor Clive get Guinness World Record

Clive we can’t wait to have you back again.

Laughter Yoga Motivational speaker come on.

I never wanted to be a motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker or become a Laughter Yoga Ambassador. I did want to be a Guinness World Record Holder a Member of the World Famous Magic Circle and a tank driver.

So  this is how it all started…I was sitting in my changing room at a large corporate training day waiting to go on stage for 30-40 minutes of comedy and magic, in order to get the delegates fired up for the second half of the day.

Suddenly the door swung open and the Event Manager stormed in. He announced that the motivational speaker was not coming and that could fill his spot!

I thought well the motivational speaker has lost his motivation… he clearly was not too healthy! He went on to say “we have booked you before and the audience loved you! Just tell them about yourself…”

I said “No, I tell great jokes and stories and perform some fab magic tricks – but I am not doing it and you can’t make me…I am in “Equity” the artists union and I will tell them. Besides” I went on “I have not climbed any great mountains, swum any oceans or played in any football finals!”

He said “You don’t need to have done any of that and besides audiences are fed up with all that… what you have done is far more scary, and people say they would rather die than do what you have done,

you have World Records in public speaking/telling jokes and taking driving tests, most people hated taking their car test but you went and got tested on every single different vehicle for fun and went on live TV to teach others crazy drivers. Now you must pass on your superpowers to the nation and the world.

Pass on my super power of laughing for no reason! I said if I do that I will be out of a job! Laughing for no reason, Laughter Yoga, laughter Therapy, healing with laughter. All the doctors will also be made redundant because they won’t be able to give out all those happy pills everyday!

Then he showed the fee the Motivational speaker/ inspirational speaker was going to get and it was three times as big as mine and he only had to do half the amount of time!
I went out to the auditorium and in Martin Luther King style announced “I believe in the power of laughter, If the world laughed more we would be happier and safer and you would be healthier and smarter and this is how we are going to do it!”

I will give you five – with laughter

Free laughter tops tips for you to print out carry with you every day to remind yourself of your Superpowers.

5 Great reasons Laughter Yoga is just the best thing ever-let me share this super power with you

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